ICT 1301 Computer

A group of enthusiasts are in the process of reconstructing an ICT 1301. The photograph below of the control panel taken in July 2003 shows evidence of some CP (Mill) activity and much evidence of engineers working. (except there are no coffee cups in shot)

If you like to see more of this project and/or could contribute technically to the reconstruction please go to my "Suggested Links" page and follow the 1301 link to Rod Browns ICT1301 Resurrection Pages 

An operational ICT 1301

The parts of the 1301 are: (from Left to right)

Card Punch Card reader Control Panel Line Printer Ampex 1" Magnetic  Tape Drives

Behind the front cabinet are the Central Processor, Drum Memory, and Core Memory (as far as I remember 2k was max memory size)

ICT New Zealand 1301 Brochure (Keith Lightfoot)

ICT1301s have a  second career as film and television stars

ICT Flow Chart Template from Philip Pinnell formerly of Scaffolding Great Britain