Pygges News Updates


Spring 2020

Two members of the group went on an extended trip in the USA. They started in Chicago and ended in New Orleans. They had heard of the Hog Calling competitions but were very disappointed when they found that  the Hogs and Pigs did not call but were called to encourage them to approach the caller


January 2017:

 There is disturbing news that a reproduction of a Piganino is being constructed in a secret European location.  The inventor of this diabolical machine was Abbé de Baigne. He was said to have been challenged by Louis XI of France who to develop such an instrument.

The instrument was a variant of an organ using a keyboard to prod the pigs, which were sorted sizewise.

Our leaders are planning a March on the Immeuble du Parlement européen 4 in Strasbourg, please contact Gina or Walter if you can support them in their protest.





October 2016


Members of the branch attended a "Pig Race Night" which was in aid of the St Nicholas Church and Lions charities. They were very impressed by the mechanical pigs used and now a working group has been set up to see if these pigs could modified to sing. If this is achieved then the pigs will be introduced to Gloria as an example of how pigs could perform  


August 2016 Update: On 19th of August some members of the Branch went to the Toft Alpaca Farm in Warwickshire on a trip organised by the Market Harborough U3A Countryside & Environment Group.

On the visit they were informed about the "Humming" capabilities of the Vicugna pacos. An investigation is now in progress to see if we can form a backing group to assist Gloria on her forthcoming record release.


March 2016 Update:

Gina and Walter have made contact with Toby La Rhone of the "Helvetian commitee pour encourager les chèvres à yodel" As their name suggests they specialise in training Goats to Yodel.

Toby is based in the municipality of Montagny-près-Yverdon which is the focal point for of Goat yodelling for the canton of Vaud,  Gina and Walter are determined to find out if our pigs can learn to handle the rapid alternation between the normal voice and falsetto as required by this form.


September 2015: On a visit to Uzbekistan some members of the group were told of the "Fabled Humming Goats of Samarkand".
An expedition was launched which took the intrepid travellers southward from Samarkand towards the Afghanistan border. In a small village near Kyzylbash we were introduced to what we were told was a "Mestnye grubosherstyne kozy", to our disappointment it did not hum just  gave off a very vile stench.


In early 2015 an expedition was mounted to Mandalay, as a reports of the "Singing Pigs of Myanmar" had been circulating in the International Hog Calling and Pig Singing Society. Many pigs were auditioned but as the traditional music from Burma is melodious, generally without harmony, and usually in 4/4 time (na-yi-se) or 2/4 (wa-let-se) or 8/16 (wa-let-a-myan) and the segments are combined into patterns, combined into verses, combined into songs which makes Burmese music a multileveled hierarchical system unsuitable for western ears.
However one sow was selected, unfortunately due to a misunderstanding in translation the selected sow was not presented to the expedition members as expected. We may return next year with an updated English-Burmese phrase book