Inquisition Postmortem for Edmund de Thwenge (1368)

Writ, 6 November, 18 Edward III.YORK. Inq Saturday after the octave of St. Martin in the Winter,
18 Edward III.
Bouthbrun. Twelve bovates and 20a. of land held of the king in chief ; and two parts of a bovate of land held for life by Robert atte Toun,
rendering yearly to the said Edmund and his heirs 8s.103/4p; all held by the said Edmund of the king in chief by service of a fifth
part of a. knight's fee.
Cornburgh. Two parts of a capital messuage, eighteen bovates and 6a. of arable land, and 22a. and two parts of  1a meadow
pertaining thereto; and five cottages and a yearly rent of 6s. 8d issuing from four bovates of land which the prior of Marton holds
in frank almoin of the said Edmund ; all except the said four  bovates of land, of Sir Ralph de Nevill in chief by homage and
fealty and service of 6s. 8d. yearly. 
He held no other lands &c. in the county.
He died on Friday, 15 October, 18 Edward III.  John his son, aged 20 years, is his next heir