Inquisition Postmortem for Joan de Thwenge (1347)

Writ, 21 July, 20 Edward III
YORK Inq. taken at Tollerton on Saturday after the Assumption, 20 Edward III.
Southbrunne. 61s. 2d. rent from tenants at will and 3s. 4d  rent from cottars, held in dower of the inheritance of John, son and heir of
Edmund de Twenge lately deceased, of the king in chief by service of a seventh part and one half of a knight's fee, and by homage.
Corneburgh A third part of the manor (extent given) held in dower as above; which third part, together with two parts of that manor
which Isabel, late the wife of the said Edmund de Twenge, and the said John son of the said Edmund hold, is held of Sir Ralph de
Nevill by knight's service. and by service of rendering to him and his heirs 6s 8d. yearly
She held no other lands &c  in the county. ,
She died on 13 Juy. last.  John de Twenge, son of Edmund son of the said John and Joan, aged 22 years and more, is her next heir
of the tenements above said

C. Edw III -File 81. (20)