Inquisition Postmortem for William de Thwenge (1341)

 William de Thwenge 
 Writ, 19 November, 14 Edward III. (1341)
 YORK. Inq, Monday after St. Nicholas, 14 Edward III (defaced).
 Lund and North Cave. A capital messsuage, lands, rent, a market ac.  at Lund, and rents at North Cave (extent given), held of Sir Henry
 de Percy by knight's service.
. Octon and Swathorp. A. capital messuage, lands, rent ac. at Octon,  and rent at Swathorp (extent given), held of Peter de Malo Lacu
 by knight's service.
 Kilton, Thorp, Brotton, Skvnnergreve, Lofthous, Lyverton. Hilderwell,   Lyttelmoresom and Mikelmoresom. Certain tenements, rents ac.
(extents given), including a decayed manor at Kilton, held of Sir  Henry de Percy by knight's service.
Lythum, The manor, together with rents &c. in Cotum (extent given), held of Sir Henry de Percy by knight's service.
He held no other lands &c. except in co, Westmoreland.
 His brother, Robert de Twenge, parson of the church of Warton, aged
. 40 years and more, is his next heir.
 WESMORELARD. Inq. Saturday, the feast of St. Hilary, 14 Edward III
 Helsyngton. The manor, with certain lands and tenements belonging  thereto in Kirkeby in Kendale, Crossetwayt, Stavelay, Sapgill,
 Hogill, Resperton, Gresmere and Langedene (extents given with  names of pastures &c.), including a park at Stavelay, held of the king
 in chief, as of the crown, by service of a moiety of three parts of a  knight's fee, and by doing suit at the county(court) of Westmoreland
 every month.  Heir as above.
 Writ to the escheator to take into the king's hand all the lands &c. of  which the said William de Twenge was seised, which do not appear
 in the inquisitions lately returned into the chancery, and to make an  extent both of them and of the lands &c. formerly returned ;
 14 February, 15 Edward III.