Market Harborough
U3A Millennium Tapestry

New Housing - Every town has had its new housing throughout its history and Harborough is no exception. The area to the north of Coventry Road is still called 'New Harborough', even though it was built over 100 years ago! The Traffic Bells -These bells are part of the town's new 'street furniture' and are situated outside the Catholic Church and an old mailings building (both listed buildings) in Fairfield Road. They are painted in the corporate blue of the council and are actually bollards. Though this shape is not often seen, they are the standard ones used to protect pavements and property from heavy lorries, placed in 1992.

The Inner Gateway - For two years (1993-1995) the centre of Harborough was one large construction area, made even more chaotic by the fact that essential sewer work, delayed until the opening of the new by-pass, was going on at the same time. This by-pass is the reason why the town centre was reconstructed, as Market Harborough was chosen as one of six towns in England to receive extra money after their new by-pass was opened. This was called the By-Pass Demonstration Project. The Inner Gateway, locally known as the traffic squeeze, is situated at the northern end of the High Street, where it becomes Leicester Road. It is part of the new traffic control and calming and marks the beginning of the 20 mph speed limit in the town centre.


Title Embroiderer Designer
New Houses Dorothy Bicknell Marjorie Clements
Traffic Bells  Elsie Faye Marjorie Clements
Inner Gateway Audrey Walker  Marjorie Clements