Market Harborough
U3A Millennium Tapestry

The town has several large designated industrial areas as well as many smaller ones. Originally farming and trade brought prosperity to the area from the middle of the 19th century onwards. Factories and industries started to appear for reasons still relevant today - good rail and road links with the rest of the country. The two factory buildings represent one of the oldest and newest together. The blue insignia in the bottom right hand corner is that of the Market Harborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce. It has a membership of over 150 businesses. Inside the 'Cogwheel' are symbols of just a few of the local trades and businesses. Clockwise from the top, the ABTA symbol, a computer, a chair (for furniture making and restoration), a vehicle battery, a packet of crisps, an auctioneer's gavel, a conservatory, a tractor and in the centre are mushrooms from the town's large company, growing and selling them countrywide!


Title Embroiderer Designer
Industry & Commerce Dorothy Bovey Anne Allen