Market Harborough
U3A Millennium Tapestry





Thanks to.....

  Alison Allen - for all the wool and canvas she collected over the two years of the making of the Tapestry.
Anne Allen & Jane Barrows -
for writing the Tapestry Booklet.
- for putting up with 12 months of the main workshops.
Cristal Glass & Glazing (Leics) Ltd.
Harborough Copy Shop,
Ken & Peter Barnacle - for all their patience at the design stage.
Jim Headington & Judy Johnson - for
computer advice.
Claire Hudson
- Arts Development Officer at H.D.C. (1997) for advice about grant applications.
Arthur Jones
- for all the frames he has made.
Angela Leather
- for her invaluable embroidery advice and support.
Murray Maclean
- for dealing with the details of ownership and insurance.
Steph Mastoris
- For reading the proof for historical accuracy.
Angela and Frank Newport -
for their support making the quarter size mock-up and support boards,and lending their spare room for the tapestry at thedesign and joining stages.
John Pendered
- Leader of the USA Photographic Group (1997) when the 450 photographs for the project were taken and also for the panel pictures throughout.
Cyril & Eve Pigott
- for all their hard work raising money.
Ann Roberts
- for all her typing for the Tapestry Booklet.
Ryte Lynes Upholsterers -
Robert Fenn and Geoff Ball for their advice and help, stretching,framing and installation.
Frank Scott
- for his advice on the original layout.
Jackie Shorley
- Market Harborough C.VS. for lottery Application advice.
- Caroline Bright and Laura Fossett for their work on designing and producing the Tapestry Booklet.
Finally, to the steering group of:
Anne Allen, Marjorie Adcock, Marjorie Clements,Tony Costello, Bunty Jones, Jim Keetch , Sheila & John Pendered, Cyril & Eve Pigott, Angela Newport, DianaTrubshaw and all the members of the Market Harborough U3A for their encouragement!