Market Harborough
U3A Millennium Tapestry

This Building is one of the first to be seen as a traveller comes into Market Harborough on the Leicester Road. It is very striking, with its bricked in arches and tall profile. It was built in 1788 by the Earl of Harborough as a Market Hall. The ground floor, where the shops are now, had grilled arches and was reserved for butchers whose shambles had been cleared from the site before the building was begun. The first floor was for the use of cloth factors who came to the market to buy cloth woven by the people of the town in their own homes. The west front has a pediment containing the Earl of Harborough's arms carved in white stone. To the left of the building is the beginning of Church Street with its quaint shops and public houses among them the King's Head featured elsewhere. To the right is shown the row of shops beyond and includes the Red Cow.   
Title Embroiderer Designer
Old Town Hall Judy Johnson Sheila Pendered