Compétition spéciale sur la gamme des avions en papier


Depuis le bureau de Toby La Rone
Chers amis, 

I am sad to announce that all 2020 SPARC events have been cancelled until further notice.

I have also received communication from ISPC (International Sanitary Paper Commission) that we have been accused of disrespectful behaviour as some of our members have been seen in public throwing paper objects into the air when there is known to be a worldwide shortage of sanitary paper products. In view of these complaints I would like to suggest that any paper aeroplane flying training only be carried out indoors with curtains or blinds drawn if necessary.

However, I would encourage all members to carry on with as much practice as possible for the following reasons.

1, The exercise is highly beneficial especially the bending and stretching to recover your aeroplanes

2, The distance judging involved in SPARC will help to in estimating distances which is required when participating in Social Distancing 

3, In the event of Broad Band Communication overload with large numbers of the population “Working from home”, written messages on Paper Aeroplanes could be a viable contribution to ensuring social cohesion.


Bonne chance