Links to my YouTube films

Robot Films:

Two robots telling a joke
Three Redlich Robots introducing Hector
Robot lockdown/lockup Feb 2021
First 2021 Car-Ling Entry announced
Response to Press Conference Outrage


Extreme Car-Ling Films

SPARC and Car-Ling Rules for 2020
  Car-Ling the Movie
Carling the Movie Silent

2021 new CAR-LING entry

htSPARC and Car-Ling 2022 Rules tp
4:34 mins (Includes covid awareness statement)
  Crisis news report
2022 Rules for SPARC/CAR-LING Competition
(Similar to above film)
  SPARC and CAR-LING Crisis talks 2018

ZOOM Tests

28th May 2020 Statement
Use of MP4 Embedded films in PowerPoint when shared in Zoom Meeting
Zoom Tests with PPT and VLC

Other Subjects

Anton deque Tapestry
Garden 2015 11 27
Prater Wheel Vienna 2014
Heathrow Landing 2014
Battle of Britain Flight East Kirby 2014
Gurnsey Noon Gun 2013
Volgagrad (Stalingrad) 2013
Dakar 2013
Bacon Brothers Magic 2014
SLU3a Open Day 2014
1912 Flood Little Bowden
IOM Steam Train 2013
The Gambia 2013
Iron Gates Lock
Tour de France 2014

ZOOM Background Films

Robots in cage
February car Drive
New York apartment 1
New York apartment 2
Garden Birds 1

Return to OZ 2011

PART 1 Indian Pacific, Perth to Adelaide

PART 2 The Ghan, Adelaide to Alice Springs

PART 3 Uluru
PART 4 Agincourt Reef


PART 5 Cairns to Mackay via Townsville

PART 6 The Sunlander , Mackay to Brisbane

PART 7 Brisbane, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

PART 8 Sydney to Hong Kong