Market Harborough
U3A Millennium Tapestry

The town has had a weekly market since at least 1202 and this was originally held in the centre of the town. In 1902, it was decided to move the livestock market to a purpose built site off Springfield Street. The Grade II listed Settling Rooms, designed by HG Coales and HW Johnson, are all that remain of that market which closed in 1993 and was moved outside the town. Built in 1902 as refreshment rooms (first and second class), dining room and kitchen, they were used for settling up after the auctioneer had completed the selling of stock. Standing in what is now a supermarket car park, the building has been refurbished and preserved and is a base for the Volunteer Bureau and Council for Voluntary Services with a small cafe and exhibition area. Once the livestock market had moved, the whole area was given over to redevelopment. A new market hall was built to replace an earlier one built in 1938 and a whole new shopping precinct was created, opening in 1993. The panel shows the small suspension bridge crossing the river Welland and linking the development with St Mary's Road. One of the entrances to the Market Hall can be seen along with some of the colourful flower and fruit stalls outside. The Market Hall has 84 stalls inside and has a six foot high weather vane, designed and made by a local firm depicting the spire of St Dionysius and the Old Grammar School.

The spirit of the market lives on in a brick sculpture carved into the wall of the supermarket which shows an auctioneer with his hammer and farm animals (notice the mouse on the left!). Other modern symbols shown on the panel are, the Post Office sign, a lottery sign and one of the modern sign posts complete with litter bin. The busker, John, can often be seen and heard playing his banjo and the ducks are very much in evidence and at home in the area.

Title Embroiderer Designer
The Settling Rooms Margot Shepherd Alec Riddett
St. Mary's Place Margot Shepherd Angela Newport
Market Hall Margot Shepherd Angela Newport