Market Harborough
U3A Millennium Tapestry


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This tapestry took three and a half years to come to fruition. It is designed and made by members of the Market Harborough University of the Third Age and shows this small market town as it goes into a new century and a new Millennium. Every town has a past and this is well represented in this brightly coloured and vibrant work, but it is the
town as it is today that is predominant. That is why such things as the new Inner Gateway, the Lottery Sign, a modern coach, new buildings, and modern celebrations and events are shown. No one can foretell the future, but one thing is sure - the things depicted which are up to date and modern to our eyes will become as old fashioned and quaint as the coach and horses and the items in the Museum are to us now. This is what makes life interesting and this tapestry has been designed and worked with the thought that future generations will see it, not only as quaint, but also as an invaluable record of life now in the year 2000.


Written by Anne Allen & Jane Barrows
Photography by John Pendered

Please note: All the descriptions were written in 2000.