Market Harborough
U3A Millennium Tapestry

Embroiders and Designers

Large Panels    
Title Embroiderer Designer
The Countryside Nancy Webb Angela Newport
The Union Wharf Ann Hawkins Marjorie Clements
The Railway Station Jean Barker Sheila Pendered
Welland Park Thelma Cant Anne Allen
The Carnival Joan Ashmore Sheila Pendered
Medical Centre & Emergency Services Dorothy Bovey Angela Newport & Anne Allen
New Houses Dorothy Bicknell Marjorie Clements
Traffic Bells  Elsie Faye Marjorie Clements
Inner Gateway Audrey Walker  Marjorie Clements
Industry & Commerce Dorothy Bovey Anne Allen
St. Dionysius &Combined Window  Pat Deshruslais Marjorie Clements
School Badges Anne Allen Marjorie Clements
The Old Grammar School Eve Pigott Sheila Pendered
The Square Bunty Jones Sheila Pendered
The Settling Rooms Margot Shepherd Alec Riddett
St. Mary's Place Margot Shepherd Angela Newport
Market Hall Margot Shepherd Angela Newport
Harborough Mail & Harbie Jean Smith Marjorie Clements 
The Museum Angela Newport Angela Newport
'Market Harborough '2000'  Dorothy Bovey Tony Costeloe
Harborough Band  Elizabeth MacLean  Marjorie Clements
Sports & Leisure Audrey Walker Anne Allen
Coaching Inns Delia Woodbridge Anne Allen
Late Night Shopping& Open Harborough Anne Allen Anne Allen
Old Town Hall Judy Johnson Sheila Pendered
The Harborough Theatre Peggy Hartley Angela Newport (sketch by Olwyn Hughes)
Council Offices, Library & Harborough in Bloom  Anne Allen( Background Sheila Pendred, and U3A members) Angela Newport
Royal Coat of Arms  Peggy Cliff Sheila Pendered
Harborough District Council Shield Marjorie Adcock & Elsie Faye Sheila Pendered & Angela Newport
Market Harborough & the Bowdens Charity Marjorie Riddett Alec Riddett
U3A Seal Sheila Pendered & Bunty Jones Sheila Pendered & Tony Costello


Small upper and lower panels

Title Embroiderer Designer
Hedgerow Birds & Flowers Winifred Welch Angela Newport
Tethering Posts & Van Mural Kay Empson Angela Newport & Sheila Pendered
50 High Street Hazel Williams Angela Newport
Prince of Wales' Feathers Nicole Holland  Sheila Pendered
Rowland Rouse Anne Allen Anne Allen
To Market Jane Barrows Anne Allen
Roundhead Kathy Tilley Sheila Pendered
Coat of Arms Emily Lancaster Anne Allen
Cavalier Kathy Tilley  Sheila Pendered
Guided Walks Emily Lancaster Anne Allen
Ernest Elliott Eileen Sanderson Anne Allen
Sporting Greats Rina Bruwer Sheila Pendered, Anne Allen & Angela Newport
Nobel Medal Angela Newport Angela Newport
Memorial Gates Joan Ellson Anne Allen
Sundial & Bells Pat Desbruslais Sheila Pendered
St. Mary-in-Arden Sheila Carrara Marjorie Clements
Great & Little Bowden Churches Myrna Westlake Marjorie Clements
Robert Smyth School Joyce Dexter Angela Newport
Congregational Church  Jane Barrows Angela Newport
42 & 43 High Street Ann Tidmarsh Angela Newport
51 High Street Joan Ashmore Angela Newport
Three Crowns Yard Gill Palmer Angela Newport
34, 35 & 36 High Street Marie Masters Angela Newport
40 High Street Elsie Faye Angela Newport
5 Church Square Pam England Angela Newport
4 Church Square  Peggy Tyler Angela Newport
The King's Head Molly Clitheroe Angela Newport
20 High Street Sybil Knot Angela Newport